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TLC, A&E, Biography Channel, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, CW and many other media outlets!


Karyn Reece is a sought after international Psychic Medium who has been featured on TLC,

Lifetime Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, Biography Channel, CW and many other media outlets. In addition Karyn produces and hosts her own weekly  TV show entitled The Karyn Reece Show which has beat prime time ratings and has also produced and co hosted the TV Show Secrets From Beyond in which she performed in front of a live audience. Because of  her popularity her TV shows involving live audiences are always sold out weeks in advance. As a guest on various radio shows such as The Buzz Radio and Times Square Media etc. Karyn has captivated both callers and audience members with her extraordinary gift of spirit communication and her accurate psychic readings. 


Psychic Medium Karyn Reece Has Been Featured On:

Imagine a world where there is no pain or sorrow. Imagine knowing that our loved ones who have passed on are really not that far away. Imagine having one last chance to say goodbye and tell them that you love them. Now Imagine knowing your future possibilities! It is my life's work to help you on your journey by connecting you from the past to the present to the future and to the world beyond.

Psychic Medium

      Karyn Reece

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