Karyn Reece


TV Film Producer and

Renown Psychic Medium 

James Van Praagh said

"Karyn Reece  Is A Real Psychic!"

Joshua Warren calls Karyn 

“The Most Accurate Psychic

I’ve Ever Met!”    

Considered one of the best in the industry with an accuracy rate of 97%, Karyn's abilities are so powerful that she is able to provide very specific detailed information such as names, numbers, dates and times.  It is this  rare ability that separates Karyn from others in her field!

The Difference

Reece & Company
8600 Sheridan Drive, Ste#3, Williamsville, NY 14221
(2 Blocks West Of Harris Hill Road)

Karyn Reece is an international Psychic Medium who has been featured on TLC, Lifetime Channel, 

Discovery Channel, A&E,

Biography Channel, CW and many other top media outlets.

Karyn Has Been Featured  On

Karyn Has Been Featured On TLC, Lifetime Channel,

Biography Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, TLC, CW And Many Other Media Outlets.